Video Poker Tips

Being Ground Out in Video Poker

Give the Guarantee Another Couple of Dollars for Safekeeping

There are going to be many, many sessions when there ain’t gonna be a profit to split. Say you start a session with $20 (80 quarters), and you run them all through the video poker machine.

You have 66 credits on your video poker machine. You don’t have any profit to divide in half.

The casino Video poker not completely cold, and you “feel” that you’re getting halfway decent hands to start with. What I would do is slide 16 coins over to the guarantee and start the next run through with 50 coins.

At least you’re giving the guarantee another couple of dollars for safekeeping.

You Can Use these Moves with Any Size Bankroll

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Yeah, yeah, I know it sounds like a whole lotta work for a return of peanuts. It’s the theory that I want you to grasp. You can use these moves with any size bankroll. What I am trying to drive home is an intelligent, although boring, application of money management. It’s as simple as 1-2-3:

  • 1.) Divide your bankroll into sessions;
  • 2.) Set a win goal;
  • 3.) Set loss limits;
  • 4.) Decide on a playing method or system;
  • 5.) When you reach your win goal, divide the profit into 50 percent guarantee and 50 percent excess;
  • 6.) Rat-hole the bankroll;
  • 7.) Never touch the bankroll or guarantee again that day;
  • 8.) Play with the excess;
  • 9.) Divide winning excess sessions in half – 50 percent with the excess and 50 percent with the guarantee;
  • 10.) When the excess is gone, so are you;
  • 11.) Grab your guarantee and head home into the waiting arms of your loving wife.

The Reality Of Gambling

I’d just like to go over something that I’ve said plenty of times so far. It is really for my friend Rhee Repeet, who has to have things re-repeated over and over, until the message finally sinks in. In this case, the message is about the money we want to win in the casinos and the chances we have of winning those jackpots.

  • 1.) We all wanna win a lot of money;
  • 2.) The casinos don’t like losing a lot of money;
  • 3.) Casinos don’t cheat;
  • 4.) Casinos have computer geniuses making sure that they stay within the letter of the law as to how much money a machine will kick out;
  • 5.) It is possible to win at a machine;
  • 6.) Jackpots are not gonna spill out like you think they will - or hope they will.

Read those things over, and spend a moment digesting each message. It happens to be the reality of gambling, like it or not.

If You Wanna Dance - You Gotta Pay The Fiddler

It always comes down to, “If you wanna dance - you gotta pay the fiddler.” In layman’s terms, it simply means that if you wanna play the video poker machines, you gotta accept the fact that you are being subjected to conditions that are in place to make sure you don’t walk off with the east wing of the casino.

Do casinos cheat? Of course not - they don’t have to.

You’ve read where I’ve tried to get you to zero in on cutting losses and accepting small returns. Maybe you’re sick of hearing about it. Tough cookies! I can write what I want.

The First Step In The Journey To Becoming A Perfect Player

No, it ain’t easy; in fact, the rules I lay out for you are difficult to follow. But anything worth having is worth sacrificing for.

That especially goes in gambling, where the odds are stacked against you as soon as you enter the casino floor. You combat those odds by utilizing the Big Four, especially money management and discipline.

It is the best shot that the average casino player has going for them. The pros use discipline. They have to - otherwise they’re out punching a clock five days a week.

Bottom Line? Accept small returns. That’s the first step in the journey to becoming a perfect player - which will then give you only a 50-50 chance of winning.

The Shotgun System for Video Poker

The Shotgun Does Not Require The Previous Play To Be A Win

We’re coming to the end of methods to use when playing video poker machines, but it’s important that we provide ways of play for all types of individuals. My friend Etch E. Pants has itchy pants and can’t sit too long in one spot, so I’ve devised the “shotgun” method for him. It will allow him to move about, playing many, many machines over the course of his day.

First I must remind you that I prefer zeroing in on a machine, setting win goals, loss limits, naked pulls, and the like. I also told you about the method that my buddy Howie G. came up with: You play only at a machine where the machine shows a payoff, but the previous player left that machine.

You would play there because the machine “proved” it could win. You stayed there for the amount of time you played the “predetermined” amount of coins you allocated. The idea was to get you at a machine that had paid off something, and you would stay there only a short while.

Well, the shotgun is like that method, except it does not require the previous play to be a win.

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Play Another Hand

Let’s suppose you decide on number 3, where your plays will be as shown above and followed through on that machine, regardless of a win or loss. That means you are allocating 20 coins for that machine. When the series is over, you tally up the results.

If you are in a profit stage (more than 20 coins), you repeat the series. If you lost at that machine, you move to the next machine and start the series over.

One reminder, regardless of whether you show a profit at a machine, the last play cannot be a winning one – play another hand.

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