PokerTips Review

Pokertips Review

At we strive to provide useful online poker information for players who are new to the world of playing poker. We feature a poker rules page which lists the poker rules in which you will find helpful before taking off to the tables. Our poker strategy section focuses on a basic introduction to texas holdem poker online. We also have a page dedicated to poker tips, as well as a pot odds page. Once you think you are ready to start playing, we have a special page with free poker room bonuses and reviews for select rooms!

Pokertips for Texas Hold'em Tips Galore and More

Welcome! Playing poker online has never been easier with the help of your leading online resource on Texas Hold'em tips, rules, strategies, news, and so much more!

This website is the perfect place to start looking for information on rules, strategy, tips, and all other information that has any relevance to poker and Texas Hold'em. This site is dedicated to giving online poker beginners even intermediate and advanced poker players a complete and well-rounded guide to playing poker. It is the site's objective that through its comprehensive and organized poker resources it will be able to imbue new players like you with the confidence to participate in online poker games.

Texas Hold'em Rules and Playing Styles

Texas Hold'em need not remain an enigma. Pokertips offers you an incisive guide on Texas Hold'em rules. You will learn how the game starts, who the dealer is, what the blinds are, who posts the blinds, and when blinds are posted. You will also learn what the flop, the turn, the river, and the showdown signify. You will know what hole cards and community cards are, and you will learn when and how the betting rounds are conducted.

Playing styles are also given a great deal of attention so that you'll know which type you are: loose, tight, aggressive, passive. It is hoped that you will bear the lessons in mind and adopt the best playing style.

Poker Strategy

The website endeavors to give you more than theoretical knowledge, though. It also gives you the lowdown on the best Texas Hold'em strategies so that you can confidently pit your skills against those of your more experienced opponents. The site helps you gain an insight on how a professional poker player makes each and every decision, what you risk for bluffing your way to the showdown, when you should give up and wait for the next hand, etc.

After you are given your hole cards, will you fold or will you wait for the flop? Pokertips helps you solve this dilemma. The site has a starting hands tool for calculating whether your hole cards are playable or not. Thus, you can easily decide whether you are going to wait for the flop and perhaps bluff your way to the pot, or if you are going to give up the hand and wait for a better one.

What if, after the flop, your card has the potential of becoming an unbeatable hand, but only if the turn or the river would give you the exact card that you need? Will you continue playing or will you play it safe? For the best decision, pokertips teaches you how to compute pot odds and how to use it in deciding whether to fight or to give up. The site also gives you a rundown of possible after-flop scenarios and their corresponding flop strategies.

Poker Resources

Pokertips gives you access to poker books that will teach you so much more than any short instructive articles can. Poker books will give you an in-depth familiarity with and understanding of poker. Aside from these poker books, the site also gives you fresh poker news, especially those that pertain to legislation for and against online poker.

When you are ready to begin playing online, just refer to the list of poker rooms that Pokertips recommends. Download, too, the various poker software and tools that the site provides.

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