PlayersOnly Review

PlayersOnly Poker Background

PlayersOnly is a fairly new poker room run by the same extremely reliable and professional management team that has been running since 1997. Spun off to create a more poker-oriented experience for the poker fanatics, Playersonly operates on the Cake Poker software network, the fastest growing network in the industry.

Players Only also offers a casino, a sportsbook and a racebook and is part of a small group of poker rooms that still accept U.S. players as well as U.S. credit card deposits. A group of poker players designed the Players Only Poker software, the graphics are nice and the functionality was kept a priority in order to emphasize on a really great playing experience. The software plays well and offers great support features.

Poker Games and Rakes

PlayersOnly poker offers a wide variety of poker games from Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha High-Low, Seven-Card Stud, Seven-Card Stud High-Low, and Five-Card Stud. The games vary between No-Limit, Pot-Limit, and Fixed-Limit. Full-table games, short-handed, and heads-up tables are available.

The games action seems to be concentrated around the No-Limit Hold'em micro limits but offer plenty of other options for middle stakes players who enjoy both Limit and No-Limit games. In addition to the poker games, PlayersOnly boasts awesome sportsbook, racebook, and casino experiences as well.

The limits at Players Only Poker start at a micro $0.02/$0.04 for No Limit Texas Holdem and increases in steady increments to $50/$100 (No Limit) and $100/$200 for Fixed Limit Texas Holdem. The Omaha tables begin at $0.10/$0.20 and move through to $5/$10.

The rake at PlayersOnly Poker is just under the industry average at 5%, with a $3 maximum rake at any game. There is a "no flop, no drop" policy, allowing pots where there isn't a flop seen to be rake free. The rake varies depending on the number of players at the table, where short-handed tables actually give the players a nice rake rebate at most limits, capping the rake at $1 for 2-3 players, $2 for 4-5 players and only taking the maximum $3 when a table is populated by six players or more.

Players and traffic

Players Only Poker and the Cake Poker network has attracted an impressive number of players in very little time - a fact that bodes well for the future. At this writing, they’re not among the top ten largest sites yet, but not far from it.

During US peak hours there are always lots of games to choose from, for ring-game and tournament players alike. Games are busiest at low stakes, varying from relatively loose to extremely loose - often with a viewed flop percentage in the 55 to 60 percent at full tables.

With many of the more established sites featuring tighter play, Players Only Poker is the polar opposite. The overall level is play is simply horrendous on this network and thus a top Fish Rating is definitely in order. The truly awful fish aren't even relegated to the lower limits. In fact, you'll often find clueless players up to the often full $5/10 level


The software has good playability and runs fast, even with multiple tables open. Vital table statistics like hands played per hour, average pot and the viewed-flop percentage are supplied. A note-taking feature is available as well, though it might be a little difficult to use for some. Multi-table play is supported up to four tables simultaneously and is easy and smooth. The player is allowed to sit at any position around the table which is a very nice feature and can also view an unlimited number of tables. The software does not offer advanced multi-table functionality such as a mini-view feature or resizing.

The hand history is saved at any location that the player chooses on the local hard drive and also saves the player chat. This software is updated frequently; the graphics are clean and move fast, although they do tend to be cluttered and some players may have a hard time trying to get a good overview of the play. Quite a few nice avatars are available and all the sounds and most of the graphics can be turned on and off based on the player’s preferences.


Especially on new networks, tournament traffic is usually paltry during overnight hours. Amazingly, Players Only Poker attracts more multi-table tournament players than many of the big-name poker rooms. Most of the action is dominated by low-stakes events under $20. These tourneys can draw up to 300 or 400 players during peak hours.

Also on the positive side, most tournaments have a guarantee of at least $1,000 for small buy-ins or $5,000-$25,000 for bigger buy-ins. This helps to ensure that players don't waste their time on what are essentially large Sit and Go’s. As for single table tournament, they're also popular with a short wait time. Players Only Poker also runs Bounty Tournaments throughout the day in which a portion of the buy-in puts a bounty of every player that gets knocked out.

Finally, a $100,000 free roll is run every couple of months for players finishing in the top spots in free qualifiers. Overall, the tournament schedule is pretty busy at Players Only Poker with an event every 15-30 minutes and a good number of players per event.

Bonus and promotions

With Players Only being a new poker room on the market, you can count on some pretty lucrative promotions. The sign-up bonus is very impressive in itself, and on top of the regular bonus you will also receive an additional 10% on subsequent deposit in the form of a reload bonus.

You get one FPP (frequent player point) for each dollar taken in rake from a ring game where you were dealt cards. You don’t have to put any money in the pot to get the FPP, so tight grinders are favored. When it comes to tournament fees, each dollar earns you as much as seven FPP.

There is over $1,000,000 in guaranteed tournament prize money each month, and quite a few other valuable promotions. You will also accumulate Gold Chips as you play, which can be converted into free tournament tickets.

Customer Service

Customer support at Players Only Poker is excellent; the answers are quick and useful, the customer support staff of this poker room is knowledgeable as well as friendly. The site offers telephone, e-mail and live chat support.

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