Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay to integrate Hangoutt Rewards in my app?

No. A developer never has to pay us. All you need to do is register and use our service for free.

Are Hangoutt rewards only for games?

No. Hangoutt rewards are for any app that wishes to reward its users.

How does Hangoutt reward the user?

Every app is differently perceived and designed by the developers for their users. We are a “reward platform” and so give the developers the choice between two methods of rewarding their users. One, they can take the user through a journey of showing how many Hangoutt points are earned by the user and redeem them accordingly thereafter OR second, reward the users by identifying certain moments in their app when the emotional quotient of the user is at highest, creating a sense of serendipity.

There are natural breaks in almost every app (end of game level, or end of finishing a set of tasks etc.), which is when the rewards are given, so that the app flow is not hindered. Both the methods can choose to use the benchmark of 10-minute app engagement = 100 Hangoutt points.

Do the users HAVE to be shown how many Hangoutt points they are earning at every stage in the app?

While Hangoutt points SHOULD be awarded to the users it is not necessary to show them the points earned at every level. The developer can benchmark the time spent on the application to the Hangoutt points that can be earned at the time of querying for the reward. The typical benchmark we follow is 100 Hangoutt points for a 10-minute app engagement. This way a serendipity situation for earning a reward can also be created in the app.

Is it always necessary to follow the metric of 10 minute app engagement = 100 Hangoutt points.

Not always. Many apps have “moments” in their app where user is at their emotional best time (end of a difficult game level, or end of finishing a set of tasks etc.) before 10 minutes of their app engagement. Just use this “moment” and let Hangoutt reward your user for the same. The 10-minute rule is a benchmark for most of the apps.

How does Hangoutt reward platform classify as to which rewards are better rewards?

The rewards in the Hangoutt reward platform are points based i.e. the better rewards need higher Hangoutt points to be scored by the user. The merchants, depending on their research as to how users perceive their product, assign the points to a reward. Due feedback is also given by our team to them if we find an anomaly with the reward points. Hangoutt reward platform chooses the best reward in the available set that will suit the user depending on various heuristic parameters, so that the redemption rate is high.

Is it always necessary to convert the game points to Hangoutt points?

Not always. In case the developer does not want to convert the game points to Hangoutt points, just use the metric of 10 minute app engagement = 100 Hangoutt points at the time of querying for a reward and mention it in the query.

How do I convert my game or app points to Hangoutt points?

There is no fixed formula for conversion of game points to Hangoutt points. The flexibility lies with the developer. The general guideline for developers is to equate 10 minutes of user engagement in the app to 100 Hangoutt points. The developer can then use this benchmark to start converting the game points to Hangoutt points or use a pure points based formula. It’s your app, you know better how each stage or level is, its difficulty level etc., so give the Hangoutt points accordingly.

What if my app has no points?

As explained above, equate 10 minutes of app usage to 100 Hangoutt points. Again this is not a hard and fast rule. If the developer deems fit to reward more points, they can do so. The above benchmark is suggested to keep a balance between the user experience and earning a reward. Such examples are listed in the documentation.

How many rewards are shown to the user?

In a single query for rewards, a user is shown maximum of 5 rewards. However, there is no restriction on number of users per day and value of rewards.

Can the developer seek unlimited rewards?

Sometimes developers may want to reward the user very often or may overuse the platform. Whilst we cannot stop the developer from querying a reward, there is a certain pattern that we internally follow to avoid such situations. In such cases the query for rewards may be empty because showing too many rewards will not only spoil the user experience but also the redemption rate of rewards.

When do I show the Hangoutt points that the user has earned?

There are natural breaks in almost every app. Give Hangoutt points when they are done completing a set of tasks, or a game level, or at the end of using the app. Typically rewards get redeemed better when you make the users get a sense that they have “earned” the points.

Do the users need an Internet connection to get the rewards?

Yes, the users need an Internet connection to browse through the list of rewards and redeem them.

Is there an offline mode to getting the rewards?

If there is no Internet connection or your app does not need one, let the users engage with your app, and keep earning Hangoutt points. If SDK is used, it keeps a tab of the cumulative Hangoutt points. Let the users then redeem rewards when an Internet connection is available.

Does the SDK then store points for each app session for the above case?

The SDK cumulates the Hangoutt points. The developer does not have to maintain any aggregate Hangoutt score separately.

What happens if the user redeems a reward that is of lesser points than the users aggregate Hangoutt score?

The SDK handles cumulative scoring. Extra points remain with the user.

Does the Hangoutt points expire?

Ideally, they never expire but if app data is cleared, you start with zero Hangoutt points.

Is providing the location of the user necessary?

The location is not necessary but the users will be shown better rewards depending on their location, increasing their probability of redeeming the reward. Remember it is only when they redeem the reward that you monetize.

How do I let my users know about Hangoutt rewards?

We encourage you to write that your app is ‘Hangoutt rewards-enabled’ in your apps description. Additionally you could show up a popup when your app starts, which says “Earn Hangoutt rewards starting @ 30 points”.

Does your SDK work along with other monetization SDKs integrated in my app?

Yes. You can integrate our SDK along with other monetization SDKs.

What versions of Android are compatible with Android SDK?

Android 2.3 and above are compatible.

Are the JSON API’s easier to integrate when compared to the SDK’s?

All our SDK's are built on top of JSON API. You'll have to prepare your own layout, if you plan to use JSON API. We recommend using our SDK's.

How much time does it take to integrate SDK?

It takes only 15 minutes to integrate the SDK. Additional development time may be required based on where in the app you want to trigger the reward screen.

How many reward categories do you cover?

Currently, we cover 30 categories of reward across more than 200 brands in India, US and Europe.

Can I choose the brands to reward our users?

No. However, we allow you to exclude certain categories and brands rewards that may not suit your app or game. This can be done through the developer portal(after you signup).

How much revenue does the developer earn?

The developer will earn a minimum of 50% of the commission that is received from the brand for a reward redemption, which is usually between $1~$3.

Do you spam users when an email is taken?

Users e-mail is necessary to inform them as to how the reward is redeemed and the coupon code for the same. We NEVER spam the users.

What is the nature of support?

We have a responsive support team that is great at pointing people in the right direction. Email them at Most requests will receive a response within 24 hours.