Monetize your App - Higher payouts, fast integration, engaged users

Never let user Aha !! moments or in-app achievements go unnoticed. Monetize them by engaging users with rewards from brands they love

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Boost User acquisition and engagement by using Hangoutt Reward Platform

Don't let your app sit on the average phone, make it one of the few used. Apps that integrate Hangoutt SDK see an increase in total time spent, increased sessions per user and user retention

Let users love your App and come back for more. Our features

Seamless Integration

Wide range of platforms covered. It takes only 15 minutes to integrate the SDK.

Awesome UI

Non-intrusive, simple and easy UI flow, helps users to redeem faster.

Wide Range

With over 40 categories of rewards, we have all the choices of users covered.

Global yet Local

Covering more than 20 countries and with rewards in localized languages, we only offer the best targeted rewards.

No blank screens

We got your user experience covered. Display rewards only when you chose to.

Offline mode

No internet connection; don't loose the users. Allows them to keep collecting points and redeem when connected.

Stats @ your fingertips

The dashboard provides you the perfect way to monitor user stats, retention rates, demographics etc. and improve your game offerings and its effectiveness

We partner with more than 400 brands across 10+ countries

Apps / Games using the Reward Platform

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