The only Mobile Reward Platform that delivers "drive-to-purchase" solution

Hangoutt Reward Platform delivers the complete drive-to-purchase solution creating a highly interactive relationship with your target audience. Your rewards will be a part of the mobile reward network that delivers rewards for achievement moments and goals of the users in their apps.

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Most effective way to acquire happy customers

Your reward will not disturb the users (unlike the traditional banner and full screen ads) but add to the "happy moment" of the users in their app usage. There is a huge bump in reward redemption rate in such cases.

How to retain the acquired customers?

Don't worry we got you covered. We also have the Hangoutt app; a mobile application that will host your Hangoutt portal, enabled for people in and around your location. With many plug-n-play features (deals, surveys, mobile games etc.) this app works as an m-commerce enabler while your customers engage in having fun and sharing information about your products/offers. Hangoutt Design Studio customizes the platform for your business.

3 Easy Steps using Hangoutt Design Studio

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